Sharing PC’s Internet Connection (using Modem or WiFi) to LAN (Ethernet) can be done easily in Windows 7 and Windows 8. This Internet Connection Sgharing can be donw easily without additional Software. It just use the built-in program called Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).
For more details, please see the following illustration:
From the picture above, we can see that number 4 is PC host which get internet connection from the modem. This PC share its internet connection to the hub (number 5) via LAN (ethernet). All devices which connected to the hub can connect to the Internet.
To be able to share an Internet connection via LAN in Windows 7 and Windows 8 please follow the following tutorial:

How To Share Internet connection (WiFi / Modem) via LAN (Ethernet) in Windows 7:

1. Click Start –> Search by keyword “view network connectrions” –> hit enter
2. Right-click on the adapter that is willing to share its internet connection –> click Properties.
3. Go to the Sharing tab and tick the top option –> Click OK
4. Ethernet adapters will get static IP automatically. This static IP is becoming the gateway to the
router or other device connected to the host PC via LAN.
5. Do not forget to set the IP router / PC as a DHCP client so it will get an IP address automatically
from the PC Host gateway.

How To Share Internet connection (WiFi / Modem) via LAN (Ethernet) Windows 8:

Same way as Windows 7 above. Please adjust your own.

ok, the next Tutorial will be Sharing PC’s Internet Connection to Mikrotik via LAN.


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